Doodles Do Algebra – Lesson 18


Update: This Lesson Is Part of Book 2 of Doodles Do Algebra: “Unknowns And The 29 Articles of Algebra” available on Amazon.


Teacher’s Notes:

The first 17 lessons were designed to get your child thinking about algebra and doing problems, mostly in their head instead of on paper. This idea is much like having a child learn to play piano first by playing a scale, or a small memorized tune, without having to manage reading notes, counting, and playing all at once. It will give your child a sense of accomplishment to jump straight into solving problems successfully by doing the first 17 lessons before backing up to learn the theory and vocabulary.

And now we begin the second section of this program – learning the vocabulary of algebra. Understanding the terms used in algebra is important so that your child can speak the language of algebra math and understand others as well – much like it is helpful to understand basic vocabulary and phrases in French when you travel to France. (this explanation worked really well for the child of mine who counters every new lesson or idea with “why do I have to learn that?”)

Today’s activity is one of memorizing the first two definitions, or articles of algebra – at least long enough to come recite the rhymes to you. Don’t worry too much, your child will be exposed to these terms over and over so he will learn it over time, even if he cannot remember the rhyme tomorrow.



Available in the book, “Unknowns And The 29 Articles of Algebra, Book 2 of Doodles Do Algebra


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