Doodles Do Algebra – Lesson 27


Update: This Lesson Is Part of Book 2 of Doodles Do Algebra: “Unknowns And The 29 Articles of Algebra” available on Amazon.


Teacher’s Notes:

Today DoodleTwo reviews the basic concept of power (the math type, not the physics type). It is really straightforward and the explanation given on the worksheet should be easily enough for your child to figure it out, especially it if is review for her.



Available in the book, “Unknowns And The 29 Articles of Algebra, Book 2 of Doodles Do Algebra


  1. a x a x a x a
  2. a^3b^2
  3. 2^2=4, 2^3=8, 2^4=16, 2^5=32; 3^2=9, 3^3=27, 3^4=81; 4^2=16, 4^3=64