Doodles Do Algebra – Lesson 32


Update: This Lesson Is Part of Book 2 of Doodles Do Algebra: “Unknowns And The 29 Articles of Algebra” available on Amazon.


Teacher’s Notes:

Today your child learns about the term homogeneous and how to distinguish homogeneous polynomials. Very well explained by DoodleTwo on the worksheet, so I don’t think I need to add additional explanation. Keep in mind for the purposes of this worksheet that you consider all the components of a term, constants such as a, b, and c as well as unknowns such as x, y, and z.


Available in the book, “Unknowns And The 29 Articles of Algebra, Book 2 of Doodles Do Algebra



1. Yes

2. No

3. No


5. No

This is the last of the algebraic vocabulary lessons. By now your child did the section on mental algebra which was chalk full of word problems and practical exercises and the section covering all the new terms she will need to know in order to understand algebra in earnest. Now we can begin algebra in a more formal manner.