Doodles Do Algebra – Lesson 62


Update: This Lesson Is Part of Book 3 of Doodles Do Algebra: “The Basic Math of Algebra” available on Amazon.



Available in the book, “The Basic Math of Algebra, Book 3 of Doodles Do Algebra“


Today DoodlePoodle teaches your child how to use the distributive property (aka hippo hopping) when multiplying more than two polynomial terms together. It is a matter of multiplying the first two together and then multiplying that resultant polynomial by the next one and so on.


1. (x-3)(x^2-6x+9)=x^3-6x^2+9x-3x^2+18x-27=x^3-9x^2+27x-27

2. It is easier if you rewrite these before solving.