Lesson 50 – Doodles Do Algebra


Update: This Lesson Is Part of Book 3 of Doodles Do Algebra: “The Basic Math of Algebra” available on Amazon.



Available in the book, “The Basic Math of Algebra, Book 3 of Doodles Do Algebra“


Today your child learns to expand with the distributive property. We call this hippo hopping at our house, since the image of a hippo hopping about on your page is so much more fun and happy than talking about the distributive property. Knowing how to work with properties is the foremost of importance in my mind – much more important when first learning algebra than memorizing the names of various properties and not truly understanding the way they work.

DoodlePoodle explains how to do the expansion very well, so I don’t need to add more here.


Problem 1. acd + bcd (I always like writing the products of algebraic terms in alphabetical order, but it really doesn’t matter much)

Problem 2. 12ax+15ay

Problem 3. 4bx+6bz

Problem 4. 3nm+6n^2

Problem 5. ax^2+axy

Problem 6. x^4y+xy^3

Problem 7. 2abx^2+5abxy

Problem 8. a^2b^2xy+a^2bx^2y+abx^2y^2

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