Lesson 78 – Doodles Do Algebra


Update: This Lesson Is Part of Book 3 of Doodles Do Algebra: “The Basic Math of Algebra” available on Amazon.



Available in the book, “The Basic Math of Algebra, Book 3 of Doodles Do Algebra“


Today your child practices the long division algebra waltz even more. The last problem has three terms in the divisor so you do the waltz step just as you did before, only you focus only on the terms in the divisor that have the highest order of the variables, x^2 and y^2. This is the new idea today and it really isn’t hard if you just relax into it. Again if you need a refresher explanation, just look at the teacher notes for lesson 75.


1. 4a^2+4x^2

2. c-d

3. x+y