Lesson 87 – Doodles Do Algebra

lesson87doodlepoodlecToday your child learns how to separate algebraic expressions into factors that include the greatest monomial that evenly divides the expression and its quotient.

It may sound complex, but it really isn’t – especially since your child has now worked through 86 lessons that have included learning about the vocabulary of algebra.

If she has a little trouble getting started just walk her through the first couple of problems and she will quickly see the pattern.



1. a*(m+c)

2. bc*(c+d)

3. 2x*(2x+3y)

4. 3xy*(2ax+3by-4cx)

5. 5ax^2*(1-7y+ay)

6. 7a^2xy*(2ax+3xy^2-5ay)

7. 3bc^2*(2x-5c-b^2c)

8. a^2cm^2*(am+c-am)=a^2cm^2*(c)