Lesson 100 – Doodles Do Algebra

lesson100doodlegirlToday your child plays with reducing a fraction to its lowest terms. This means that a fraction gets reduced to prime factors in the numerator and the denominator. DoodleOne explains how to do it very thoroughly on the worksheet.

Download Lesson 100 of Doodles Do Algebra HERE


1. 4a^3x^2/6a^4=2*2*a*a*a*x*x/2*3*a*a*a*a=2*x*x/3*a=2x^2/3a

2. 3a/4x

3. 3a^2x/4y^4

4. 3x/4y

5. 3y^2z/2

6. 2*2*2*a*a*b/(2*2*3*a*b*b+2*2*a*b*c)=2*2*2*a*a*b/2*2*a*b*(3*b+c)=2*a/(3*b+c)=2a/(3b+c)

in this problem you need to factor like terms out of the denominator using the techniques you learned in the lessons on factoring.

7. 2acx(ax+1)/2*5*a*c*c*x=(ax+1)/5c

8. 5ab(a+b)/5ab(c+d)=(a+b)/(c+d)