Lesson 101 – Doodles Do Algebra

lesson101doodleboyToday your child starts to put more of the factoring techniques he learned last month to use. DoodleTwo explains how. Basically, first you factor the polynomials in the numerator and denominator, and then you cancel like terms. If your child has trouble remembering the concepts of factoring polynomials, just help her through a few problems together to get her started. Not to worry, this concept (like all the others) will be reviewed in the future when we use it to build a more complex concept.

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1. 3(z^2-8z+3)/4(z^2-8z+3)=3/4

2. 5a(a+x)/(a+x)(a-x)=5a/(a-x)

3. (n-1)(n-1)/(n+1)(n-1)=(n-1)/(n+1)

4. 7a(2a-b)/5c(2a-b)=7a/5c

5. x(x^2-y^2)/(x^2-y^2)(x^2+y^2)=x/(x^2+y^2)

6. (a^2+b^2)/(a^2+b^2)(a^2-b^2)=1/(a^2-b^2)

7. (x+y)(x-y)/(x+y)(x+y)=(x-y)/(x+y)

8. x^2(x-a)/(x-a)(x-a)=x^2/(x-a)

9. 2x(x-3)/(x-3)(x+2)=2x/(x+2)

10. (x+5)(x-3)/(x+5)(x+3)=(x/3)/(x+3)