Lesson 114 – Doodles Do Algebra

lesson114doodlepigcIn today’s lesson, DoodlePig (our fabulously intelligent guinea pig) teaches your child all three of the steps of solving a simple, first degree equation. She explains it really quite well (even though she is only a cartoon, and a cartoon guinea pig at that) so I don’t need to add anything to the teacher’s notes here.

DoodlePig works through two examples to get your child started.

Also, I wanted to note here that it really does not matter if an answer is written as x=a+b or x=b+a, or x=cb versus x=bc. The way your child chooses to write answers, if the content is correct, should not matter.

Download Lesson 114 of Doodles Do Algebra HERE


1. x=6

2. x=13/2

3. x=2/3