Lesson 124 of Doodles Do Algebra

lesson124doodleboyToday’s exercise is to learn to recognize and translate a word problem into 3 independent equations with 3 unknowns, or 4 equations and 3 unknowns. As a bonus, and for practice your child gets to pick one of the two problems and solve it all the way after writing down the equations.

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1. First equation: x+y+z=59

Second equation: y-x=5

Third equation: z-x=9

Solution: rewrite second equation in terms of y equals something and the third equation in terms of z equals something. Then plus those both into the first equation and solve for x. Then plug that value of x into the second equation to solve for y and into the third equation to solve for z and you are done.


First equation: 2r+5c=12 where r is price of one roll and c is price of one cookie.

Second equation: 3c+5l=18 where c is price of one cookie and l is price of one loaf of bread.

Third equation: 4c+5p=28 where c is price of one cookie and p is price of one pretzel.

Fourth equation: 5l+6p=?

Since I did not include the cost of the final trip to the store, you do not have 4 independent equations and 4 unknowns, only 3 equations and 4 unknowns. This is not a solvable problem, so if your child points that out then give her a gold star and lots of praise!