Why “Doodles Do Algebra”?

I am a firm believer in “teaching to the child”. We have been homeschooling for many years now and I think I have tried nearly every method there is to teach math to my kids. I am a tech-kind of person, with a math and physics and biology and chemistry background, so creating and adapting a math course comes easily. And I hope that perhaps you will find the ideas and text pages and downloads I post here useful.

I post regularly to this site with pages from an Algebra book (Doodles Do Algebra) I am in the final stages of completing for kids 10 and up. The book is based on the teaching methodology and sequence that teachers used in the 1700’s and 1800’s in America, a style of teaching that led to some of the smartest and greatest thinkers our country has known. I developed this math book for my own kids, who learn in completely different ways from each other. It worked wonderfully for them, so hopefully it will work for your child too.

As far as the name goes, we call our twins “Doodles” because they have always traveled through life together chatting and laughing in a way that sounds like doodling, or noodling. So the term stuck. DoodleOne and DoodleTwo are adaptations of the naming convention that doctors use when you have twins: Baby A and Baby B. My husband liked A and A-prime, since he is an engineer and fundamentally a geek, and it all evolved into DoodleOne and DoodleTwo.

I would love as much feedback on the material as you can throw my way, so feel free to download the pages and use them with your kids.

DoodleMom doodlemom