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Learn to Multiply and Divide Roots – Lesson 141 of Doodles Do Algebra

Today your child will learn to multiply and divide roots. The basic concept is the same as multiplying and dividing in algebra: you can multiply like terms. Remember when we talked about laying the apples, oranges, and raisins out on the kitchen table and having your child group them into like terms as a way […]

Lesson 138 – Reducing Higher Order Roots

Today your child continues working with radicals and learning to reduce them. As a bit of preparatory work today, it will probably help your child for you to sit down with him and review two of the rules of powers that were summarized in lesson 137. First review the concept of and is the same […]

Lesson 137 – Reducing Radicals & The Perfect Monomial

Today your child begins learning to reduce radicals. No, this is not advanced nuclear chemistry or using a shrink ray on protesters in the streets. It really is math, well, part of algebra for our purposes. The new idea your child needs to learn today focuses on the concept of a monomial that is a […]

Lesson 135 – Doodles Do Algebra

Today your child extends the concepts of square roots to unknowns. The only point you really need to make sure your child understands is that 2 times 2 is the same as negative 2 times negative 2, the answer is 4. So that means that the square root of 4 could be a positive or […]

Lesson 134 – Doodles Do Algebra

Today your child learns how to take the square root of a fraction. Basically the square root of a fraction is the same as the square root of the numerator divided by the square root of the denominator. The problems for your child to work are simple and build to the idea of taking the […]

Lesson 133 – Doodles Do Algebra

Today’s lesson focuses on teaching your child to extract the square root of any quantity without a calculator or computer. As DoodlePig explains on the worksheet, you simply use a bit of algebra. The lesson sounds difficult, but if is actually quite easy and doesn’t need any explanation. Answers: if t=10, if t=20, if t=30, […]

Lesson 132 of Doodles Do Algebra

Today you will need to work alongside your child. She is going to learn the Binomial Theorem and the best way for her to learn it is to be shown how the relationship is derived in brief form. So walk her through the process of raising “x+y” and “x-y” to the first, second, third, fourth, […]

Lesson 131 of Doodles Do Algebra

Today your child learns to raise fractions to a power. How do you square a fraction? You square the top of the fraction (numerator) and then you also square the bottom of the fraction (denominator). This is really very easy and in a way is additional practice of the concepts learned over the last few […]

Lesson 130 of Doodles Do Algebra

Yesterday your child learned to raise a polynomial to a power, and today he learns to raise a polynomial to a power. It is essentially the same, only he will need to use the distributive property (what we call hippo hopping) to do the multiplication of the terms. DoodlePoodle explains this very well on the […]