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Lesson 137 – Reducing Radicals & The Perfect Monomial

Today your child begins learning to reduce radicals. No, this is not advanced nuclear chemistry or using a shrink ray on protesters in the streets. It really is math, well, part of algebra for our purposes. The new idea your child needs to learn today focuses on the concept of a monomial that is a […]

Lesson 128 of Doodles Do Algebra

Today your child begins learning about algebra with powers and radicals. We are starting by learning (or reviewing) the concept behind raising a variable to a power. What does “power” mean in mathmatics? A power is a product that comes from multiplying a quantity by itself, a certain number of times. The number of times […]

Lesson 127 of Doodles Do Algebra

Today DoodlePig takes your child through the problem of the two messengers running at each other and answers the age-old question of, “When will they meet?” The work your child does today is first following through the explanation and logic of the problem, and next finishing the problem by solving for x, or the distance […]

Lesson 126 of Doodles Do Algebra

Today we teach your child about the concept of a negative solution to a problem. What does it mean for a number to be negative in real-life situations? As DoodleCat explains on the worksheet, if you find the solution to an unknown is a negative number, say -5, that means you have a deficit of […]

Lesson 125 of Doodles Do Algebra

Today your child will learn about a special case of solving for 2 unknowns: when you are given the sum and the difference between two numbers. DoodlePoodle explains the process very well on the worksheet so I will not go into the details here. Answers: 1. In this problem we help get your child started […]

Lesson 124 of Doodles Do Algebra

Today’s exercise is to learn to recognize and translate a word problem into 3 independent equations with 3 unknowns, or 4 equations and 3 unknowns. As a bonus, and for practice your child gets to pick one of the two problems and solve it all the way after writing down the equations. Answers: 1. First […]

Lesson 123 of Doodles Do Algebra

Today your child learns how to expand the solving of 2 unknowns using the various elimination techniques he learned last week. Today we do 3 unknowns and 3 equations. It is essentially the same process as he learned last week. The only difference is that today he has to keep track of which equations he […]

Lesson 122 – Doodles Do Algebra

Today your child practices solving another one of those “mental math” problems that he worked on at the beginning of the course only this time he can use the techniques for solving two independent equations that have 2 unknowns. DoodlePig helps your child set up the problem, and it is kind of an easy one, […]

Lesson 121 – Doodles Do Algebra

Today your child learns the final method of solving for two variables when given two independent equations. This is called Elimination by Addition and Subtraction. The basic idea is to set up the equations so that you can either add or subtract them from (or to) each other and eliminate one of the variables. DoodlePoodle […]